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Dental Benefit FAQs for Patients

  • Exactly what is dental insurance for Individuals?
  • My dentist recommends a treatment that my plan will not pay for. Does this mean the treatment really isn't necessary?
  • My dentist recommends that I get a crown on a tooth, but my dental benefit will only pay for a large filling for that tooth. Which treatment should I have?
  • My dental plan says that it will pay 100 percent for two dental checkups and cleanings each year. However, I just had my first checkup and cleaning, and the insurance company says I owe for part of the dentist's charge. How can this be?
  • Will my plan cover the care my family will need?
  • Who is covered by my dental benefit plan? What does my dental plan cover?
  • My dentist is not on the list of dentists provided by my employer. Can I still go to him/her for treatment?
  • My spouse and I each have a dental benefit plan. Who in our family is covered by these plans?
  • Does my dentist have to send a description of my treatment plan to the third-party payer before I have any dental work done?
  • How are benefits determined?
  • How should I go about asking my employer to provide a dental benefit plan at our company?
  • What is Direct Reimbursement?