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Human Resources Managers

Advantages for Any Size Company

When insurance premiums are paid for every employee, the dollars can add up quickly. But with DR, money is spent when care is received rather than on monthly insurance premiums. Because, on average, almost 40% of covered employees never go to the dentist in a given year, your savings on premiums can go right to the bottom line. Even if you use a third-party administrator (TPA), your savings can be substantial.

A DR program can save administrative time as well as money. It enables companies with fewer employees to offer quality dental benefits without breaking the bank.

DR Helps Eliminate Potential Employee Surprise

With reimbursement under Indemnity and PPO plans based on UCR standards and treatment limits, patients can be unpleasantly surprised with their share of the bill. With DR, employees can know their share in advance. Without these surprises, DR allows you to eliminate many of the misunderstandings and hassles associated with other types of plans.