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Helping Children Through Give Kids A Smile


Did you know, according to the CDC, nearly 1 in 4 children under the age of 5 already have cavities?  Through the ADA Foundation's Give Kids A Smile program, more than 5 million underserved children have received free oral health services.  These free oral health services are provided by approximately 10,000 dentists annually, along with 30,000 other dental team members.

Each year Give Kids A Smile day is celebrated nationally on the first Friday in February - however, GKAS programs are conducted throughout the entire year across the U.S.  The Give Kids A Smile program is in alignment with one of the pillars of the American Dental Association, Action for Dental Health - provide care now. GKAS events are intended to be touch points for children who do not receive dental care, for whatever reason.  The ultimate goal for a GKAS program should be to find a dental home for these children - in other words, provide continuity of care.

Although collectively we have made a huge impact through GKAS over the past 13 years, there is still more work to be done. You can learn more about how the GKAS program began in the Gratitude Report, or if you would like to join the GKAS movement and host your own event, please visit the GKAS Program Planning Toolbox or the FAQ page. To read about other GKAS events please visit the Recent News page.

If you have questions you can contact the GKAS Team directly at gkas@ada.org

We thank you for your continued support of Give Kids A Smile, and we wish you much success with your 2015 events!