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Instructions for Entering Actual Event Data

1. Go to the Give Kids A Smile Enrollment and Event Data Collection page.

2. Click on the Login Existing Program tab

a. Enter PERMANENT USER ID (This is the unique number that was assigned to you during the sign up process) or PRIMARY CONTACT EMAIL.

3. Click NEXT.

4. Select ENTER ACTUAL EVENT DATA from the GKAS Sign up Main Menu. (A table will appear on the RIGHT SIDE of the screen listing all Events previously entered).

5. Select the SELECT EVENT button next to the Event. Enter actual event data on the form provided. Please enter data separately for each event.

6. Click the SAVE button at the bottom of the page.

7. If you have multiple Events, please repeat steps 5 - 7.

8. Click the LOGOUT button from the GKAS Main Menu to exit the system.

Click the Help in the sign up system for assistance at the top of the page if you have problems.

If you have questions, please send an email to: gkas@ada.org

What Data We Would Like to Know

  • The number of children actually served.
  • The number of volunteer dentists and other dental team members.
  • The actual care value.

We are also asking for specific data regarding services performed, such as:

  • The actual number of prophylaxis (cleanings).
  • The actual number of x-rays.
  • The actual number of fluoride treatments.
  • The actual number of restorations ( fillings, crowns).

To assist you with collecting the required data, please review our sample data collection form (PDF) and blank form (PDF).