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Health Literacy in Dentistry

ADA policy defines oral health literacy as the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate oral health decisions. It also recognizes that by improving health literacy, patients are better stewards of their own health. You can improve health literacy by using simple communication with the patient and confirming comprehension so that the risk of miscommunication is minimized. You can support patients' efforts to improve their oral health by using strategies that make the dental office environment and health care system easier to navigate. 

Health Literacy Essay Contest

If you are a third year dental student from a participating school, click on the link below to find out more on how to enter.

Health Literacy Essay Contest 2016 

Other Health Literacy Resources

Increasing the Dental Team's Knowledge about Health Literacy

Improving the Health Literacy Environment of the Dental Office

Consumer Education

For additional information, please contact

Sharee Clough, RDH, MS Ed cloughs@ada.org
Manager, Preventive Health Activities
Council on Access, Prevention and Interprofessional Relations