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CDT 2014 Products

CDT 2014: Dental Procedure Codes

CDT 2014 recognizes how dentistry is done in the real world. American Dental Association The only official source for the most up-to-date and accurate Dental Procedure Codes, CDT 2014 includes:

  • 29 new procedure codes
  • 18 revised procedure codes
  • 4 deleted procedure codes
  • 7 changes to the subcategories and their descriptors

Codes that clearly document a service to a patient and consider the latest clinical advances make for easier coding and faster reimbursement. CDT 2014:

  • Revises caries risk assessment codes to provide a standard means of reporting, especially useful in public health and Medicaid dentistry
  • Provides distinct codes for core build up and crown placement, acknowledging that a core build up is not always a precursor to a crown
  • Divides implant surgery into stages, each with its own procedure code, for easy documentation if each stage is done by a separate dentist. Also includes codes for mini implants
  • Reflects new guidance from the American Association of Endodontists with separate codes for pulpal regeneration and apexification/recalcification
  • Contains simplified descriptors for orthodontic procedure codes based on recommendations from the American Association of Orthodontists
  • Replaces two "by report" codes from the prosthodontics section with codes for specific procedures, eliminating the need – and extra work – of a narrative report
  • Includes a new subcategory of service for fabrication of medicament carriers

The spiral bound book lays flat for easy reference, and includes a searchable CD-ROM for quick code look up.

J014 Book
Member $39.95 / Retail $59.95

J014D e-Book
Member $29.95 / Retail $44.95

J014B Book and e-Book Bundle
Member $49.95 / Retail $69.95

Dental Coding Made Simple: Resource Guide and Training Manual, 2013-2014

American Dental AssociationKnowing how to use the codes saves time and ensures your practice and patients get reimbursed correctly, the first time. This new resource guide helps you and your staff understand the basics — and the complexities — of today's coding system. Key features include:

  • 151 of the most common questions and answers
  • Over 25 coding exercises
  • An illustrated implant section
  • New HIPAA Compliant 2012 ADA Dental Claim Form and completion instructions
  • Continuing education exam with 5 CE credits
  • And much more!

J443 Book
Member $49.95 / Retail $74.95

J443D e-Book
Member$39.95 / Retail $59.95

J443B Book and e-Book Bundle
Member $59.95 / Retail $84.95

American Dental Association

CDT 2014 Kit/Dental Coding Made Simple Kit

Our best-selling Kit includes the CDT 2014: Dental Procedure Codes (J014) and Dental Coding Made Simple: Resource Guide and Training Manual, 2013-2014 (J443).

K214 Code/Workbook Kit
Member $75.00 / Retail $112.50

K214D CDT 2014 Code/Workbook e-Book Kit
Member $65.00 / Retail $97.50

American Dental AssociationCDT Codes at your fingertips with the CDT 2014 Code Check app

The American Dental Association brings you CDT Code Check, CDT Codes in the palm of your hand! CDT Code Check contains all the CDT Codes, searchable by three categories: code number, keyword, and category of service. Now a subscription-based service, users will be notified as soon as the 2015 CDT codes are available for purchase. And when you buy the 2014 app, you receive the 2013 CDT codes for free! CDT Code Check is an especially handy practice management tool for dentists and dental staff who travel between offices. It is also ideal for working on claim forms and looking up procedure codes when you don't have access to the CDT Manual Easy to use and hard to lose, CDT Code Check is a must for any dentist or dental team member on the go. Visit the iTunes Marketplace or Google Play Store for details and to purchase.