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CDT 2016: Dental Procedure Codes

American Dental Association

Coding for what you do has never been simpler. CDT 2016: Dental Procedure Codes gives dental staff a resource to code and document services accurately for claim submissions and dental records. Relying on old information may lead to unexpected claims denials or reimbursement delays. Procedure codes in practice management systems or dental plans may be incomplete and hamper your efforts to receive reimbursement. CDT 2016 is the most up-to-date coding resource, and the only HIPAA-recognized code set for dentistry. It also fills in coding gaps and reduces ambiguity.

Designed for daily use in every dental practice, this sturdy spiral-bound book opens flat for easy reference. Use the book as a visual reminder for staff that the most detailed coding resource — with the answers to many of their questions — is at their fingertips. Improved organization and handy tables allow users to find information more quickly, and make correct coding easier for everyone. Includes claim form with detailed instructions for completion, as well as a searchable digital version for quick code look up.

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CDT 2016 contains:
  • New codes to reflect technological advances in dentistry
  • New and revised diagnostic codes for radiography for more accurate reporting
  • New denture codes that allow for greater coding specificity
  • Revised anesthesia codes to simplify reporting for general anesthesia and intravenous conscious sedation
Code changes include:

  • 19 new procedure codes
  • 12 revised procedure codes
  • 8 deleted procedure codes
J016 Book, 171 pages

Member: $39.95 / Retail: $59.95

J016D e-Book

Member: $29.95 / Retail: $44.95

J016B Print and e-Book Bundle

Member: $49.95 / Retail: $69.95

K016i Print and Code Check App Bundle

Member: $49.95 / Retail: $69.95

CDT 2016 Companion: Help Guide and Training Manual

American Dental Association

You and your dental team are first in line to ensure that patient records and claims are complete and accurate. The CDT 2016 Companion: Help Guide and Training Manual is the go-to resource that gives you the information that aids your records and claims stand up to challenges.

The Companion features:

  • Descriptions of what is new and changed in CDT 2016, and the reasons why codes were added or revised
  • Guidance on CDT Code selection through coding scenarios of varied complexity, and illustrations in a Q & A format
  • An in-depth look at narratives for “…by report” codes
  • Ways to identify and address possible CDT Code misuse when a payer rejects a claim  
  • Tables that link CDT Codes with applicable ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes, information that will be valuable when requested by third-party payers
Used in tandem with CDT 2016, the Companion is ideal to update current staff on CDT Code changes or use a training resource for new employees. Use it for staff meetings, quick training sessions, or as a reference guide to help your team code with skill and confidence.

J446 Companion Book, 171 pages

Member: $49.95 / Retail: $74.95

J446D e-Book

Member: $39.95 / Retail: $59.95

J446B Print and e-Book Bundle

Member: $59.95 / Retail: $84.95

American Dental Association

CDT 2016 Kit

Save money and time with this coding combo. CDT 2016 Kit is the official source for the most accurate and up-to-date dental procedure codes. The Companion is a training tool with coding Q and A, exercises and quizzes to increase staff comprehension and reduce rejected claims. Use them together to develop an unstoppable coding team. Kit includes:


J016  CDT 2016: Dental Procedure Codes

J446  CDT Companion 2016

K216 CDT 2016 Kit

Member: $75.00 / Retail: $112.50

K216D e-Book Kit

Member: $65.00 / Retail: $97.50

K216B Print and e-Book Bundle

Member: $95.00 / Retail: $142.55

K216i CDT Code Check App / CDT & Companion Books Kit

Member: $85.00 / Retail: $122.50

American Dental AssociationCDT 2016 Code Check for iOS and Android

Have the CDT codes accessible whenever you need them with the CDT Code Check app. This handy, searchable app contains the most up-to-date CDT Codes, including 19 new procedure codes and 12 revised procedure codes. CDT Codes clearly document a service to a patient and consider the latest clinical advances make for easier coding and faster reimbursement. Features include:

  • A complete listing of 2014 and 2015 CDT Codes including category of service, subcategory, procedure code, nomenclature, and descriptor
  • A list of new, revised and deleted codes with tracked changes so you can see exactly what was changed
  • Codes searchable by three categories: code number, keyword and category of service
  • A “favorites” section for storing your most frequently used codes

Available for iPhones, iPads, and Android mobile devices. Order from adacatalog.org, then complete your download from iTunes Marketplace or Google Play Store. App must be purchased annually in order to receive new CDT code sets.


Members $19.95 / Retail $29.95