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ADA/PDR Dental Therapeutics Online

Your one year subscription to this accessible and easy-to-use database is the most authoritative drug reference guide for dentists. ADA/PDR Dental Therapeutics Online is unlike any other content available, offering a host of benefits to students and the practicing dentist. With dentists being able to quickly locate dosages and information of clinical significance. ADA/PDR Dental Therapeutics Online will help you make the most informed medication related decisions for your patient. Arranged in three sections it contains drug information essential to solving patients’ dental problems.

Drugs Used in Dentistry

Section I focuses on drugs prescribed primarily by dentists, so that the practitioner can readily prescribe them with a full understanding of their actions, adverse effects, and interactions. It contains drug information essential to solving patients’ dental problems. Dentists will be able to quickly locate dosages and information of clinical significance. In Section I, each chapter is organized by:

  • Description of the general category of drugs and the accepted indications
  • Listings of specific drugs by generic and brand name—including adult and child dosages, forms, and strengths
  • Special dental considerations—drug interactions, pertinent laboratory value alterations, drug cross-sensitivities and effects on pregnant and nursing women, children, elderly patients, and other patients with special needs
  • Adverse effects and precautions, arranged by drug class or body system
  • Pharmacology

Drugs Used in Medicine

Increasingly, dental patients are taking one or more prescription drugs. To assist the dentist, Section II of this resource focuses on drugs prescribed primarily by physicians. It presents drug information in a more abbreviated form, emphasizing each drug’s effect on dental diagnosis and treatment planning. The information here will help the dentist interact effectively with the patient’s physician about the patient’s medications, particularly when a modification of drug therapy is in question. Helpful dosage ranges enable dentists to anticipate potential side effects in patients at the upper end of the dosage range.

Drug Issues in Dental Practice

Section III focuses on issues related to dental pharmacology that affect the dentist’s practice, including evidence-based information on herbs and dietary supplements and information and online resources from the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs that demonstrate their support of advances in dental science. As part of the community of practitioners interested in patients as people and not just as “teeth and gums,” dentists can use the information discussed here as building blocks for a successful and expanding practice. A highlight of this section is the chapter on oral manifestations of systemic medications. The topics presented in Section III are not addressed in most dental drug handbooks.

Suggested reading lists at the end of each chapter are included for dental students and practitioners who would like to obtain additional medication background information.

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