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Most Kindle and Nook books are also available in hard-copy. Call 1-800.947.4746 or visit adacatalog.org for all your professional resource, patient education, and personalized product needs.

The ADA Practical Guide to Associateships

There's more than meets the eye to building a successful associateship. This practical guide offers strategies for tackling both logistical issues – such as the type of associate arrangement, compensation, contract terms, and buy-ins – and intangible ones, including interpersonal considerations and compatibility, developing a practice philosophy, and conducting a goals assessment. Ideal for either adding or becoming an associate, this valuable book contains worksheets for cash flow, break-even and associate compensation analysis, as well as a sample associateship contract. The ADA Practical Guide to Associateships also covers the phased buy-in process, as well as considerations for the dentist who is thinking about joining a large group practice. 97 pages.

The ADA Practical Guide to Valuing a Practice

    Buyers and sellers get a balanced view of practice valuation in this revised publication. Refuting many common valuation myths, this book raises awareness of possible legal and tax issues that may arise during this process. The ADA Practical Guide to Valuing a Practice also provides guidance on selling or buying an entire practice, a portion of a practice, and planning a future buy-in or buy-out. Other features include definitions of key terms; choosing the valuation method that is right for you; sample sales documents and contract provisions; and detailed explanations of various valuation concepts, such as the capitalized earnings, discounted cash flow and net asset methods. 114 pages.

    The ADA Practical Guide to Dental Office Design

      The ADA Practical Guide to Dental Office Design offers advice from professionals from the top of the dental design field. From architecture and interior design to ergonomics and environmental best practices, Dental Office Design leaves no topic unexplored. With more than 100 full-color photographs, The ADA Practical Guide to Dental Office Design inspires dentists to dream while remaining realistic about time and budgets. Whether you are refreshing your dental practice or building one from scratch, let the trusted resources of the ADA be your guide. 196 pages.

      The ADA Practical Guide to Creating and Revising an Employee Policy Manual

        Develop a dental office policy manual with the ADA's help. This guide includes sample policies, forms, and worksheets to help craft the perfect policy for your dental employee handbook.

        The ADA Practical Guide to Internal Marketing: The Key to Dental Practice Success

          Promoting your practice just got easier with the expert advice of the ADA.

          With chapters devoted to cultivating referrals, developing practice newsletters and websites, and utilizing social networking profitably and responsibly, The ADA Practical Guide to Internal Marketing shoes you how to grow your practice using tried and true standbys, as well as the newest technological innovations.

          CEO Crash Course: Take the Lead in Your Dental Practice

            This engaging book draws parallels with the business world to show how leadership traits of CEOs translate into dental practice success. Seasoned practitioners and top practice management consultants give insight about developing and implementing leadership skills, striking a work-life balance, meeting your bottom line, resolving conflict, inspiring your team, and building a loyal base of compliant patients. Includes hundreds of ideas- find out what works in other practices and make it work for you!

            Terminating Employment in a Dental Office

              Handle the difficult task of terminating employment effectively and with an understanding of the legal ramifications. Learn how to: handle a crisis such as fraud or drug use, set up a system for progressive discipline, deal with employee leaves of absence, terminate an associate, and manage the mechanics of termination (includes a detailed checklist of steps).

              The ADA Practical Guide to Starting Your Dental Practice

                Start your practice right with this revised and updated practical guide from the ADA. Filled with the information you need, from furniture to finances. Get an overview of choosing how and where to open a practice, managing employees and choosing advisers, practice management software, billing and collections, marketing and much more.

                ADA Dental 101 Mini Book

                  ADA Dental 101 delivers the most essential information on how to have a healthy, attractive smile. Based on the ADA's best-selling patient brochures, this concise book covers the basics of oral care, preventing and treating gum disease, and keeping your children's smiles healthy. It also describes options for cosmetic improvement (such as whitening, veneers, or braces) and replacing teeth (including implants, bridges and dentures). An excellent read before or after you visit the dentist!

                  The ADA Practical Guide to Frequently Asked Legal Questions

                    This second edition is a comprehensive guide to common legal questions that can arise in your dental practice. This listing of over 180 questions and answers from the ADA Division of Legal Affairs discusses topics that you and your dental team encounter daily. Having this guide at your fingertips when that certain legal question surfaces will prove invaluable. It provides plain language information on a wide array of legal issues.