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Product Profile

Implant Bar - CAD/CAM

Town & Country is famous for being the "go to" for multi-unit long span cases. Naturally, that would mean that we have an extensive knowledge of implant bars as well. Our Implant bars are designed and milled all via CAD/CAM - ensuring a great level of success and satisfaction.
 Product Images 
Image: Implant Bar - CAD/CAM   Image: Implant Bar - CAD/CAM   Image: Implant Bar - CAD/CAM
 Product Details 

  • Exceptional precision fit, minimized risk for screw fracture
  • Milling eliminates porosity issues, common with casting
  • Removable for easy hygiene maintenance.
  • No chewing discomfort, as the denture is highly stable
  • Medical grade Titanium for maximum bio-compatibility.
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