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Product Profile

Alleviate Support System

The Alleviate Support System is designed to relieve and reduce the occurrence of musculoskeletal pain and localized fatigue caused by excess weight on shoulders. When one or both arms are elevated away from the body, more weight is placed on the shoulders. Ideal posture includes shoulders relaxed with elbows close to the body. Alleviate does this.
 Product Images 
Image: Alleviate Support System  Image: Alleviate Support System  Image: Alleviate Support System
 Product Details 

  • 5” gel elbow rests provide comfort and support
  • Patented ball and socket allows for free, natural movement
  • Tension control gives optimal flexibility and balance
  • Versatile height adjustment up to 7” enables customized fit
  • Compatible with most Brewer Design Ergonomic Stools
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