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Downright downloadable: Plenty of e-books in Spring 2012 ADA Catalog

May 07, 2012

The e-book revolution is gaining momentum, and the ADA Catalog is at the ready with a growing selection of essential professional resources in this format for dentists.


More than 30 e-book titles are included in the Spring 2012 ADA Catalog and e-catalog (adacatalog.org). Books are offered in the EPUB format and are available for download by visiting adacatalog.org. Titles include:

  • CEO Crash Course (also available in individual chapters);
  • Terminating Employment in a Dental Office (also available in individual chapters);
  • The ADA Practical Guide to Starting Your Dental Practice;
  • The ADA Practical Guide to Creating an Employee Office Manual (also available in individual chapters);
  • The ADA Practical Guide to Frequently Asked Legal Questions;
  • The ADA Practical Guide to Internal Marketing.

A limited selection of titles is also available for the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook and may be purchased directly at Amazon.com and at bn.com.

Buyers who buy e-books from the ADA catalog by July 6 using priority code 12211 will receive 15 percent off the purchase. Visit adacatalog.org or call 1-800-947-4746 to order e-books.

The discount does not apply to Amazon or Barnes & Noble sales.