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Action for Dental Health showcases access stories

August 18, 2014 The ADA.org Action for Dental Health website is a repository for stories showcasing local and state activity to increase access to dental care. Click on these recent headlines in the growing list of success stories reported at ADA.org/action.

  • Florida Dental School Gets People out of the ER and into the Dental Chair.
  • Traveling Massachusetts Dentist Treats Children Suffering from Severe Cavities.
  • Milwaukee Community Partnership Improves Access to Dental Care.
  • Working Poor in Central Illinois Community Receive Relief from Dental Pain.
  • Maryland Dentist Travels to Treat Elderly Patients.

The American Dental Association on May 15, 2013, launched Action for Dental Health: Dentists Making a Difference, a nationwide campaign addressing America's dental health crisis. The Association invites you to share your ADH story by contacting Rhys Saunders in the ADA Public Affairs Department at saunders@ADA.org. The ADA News provides periodic coverage of these initiatives.