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What is a dental standard?

October 14, 2015 What is a dental standard?

A document that:

  • Defines or provides specific technical requirements for a material, product, process, procedure, service, policy, etc.
  • Provides definitions dimensions, terminology, symbols, test methods, performance or safety requirements, etc.
  • Is clear, concise, unambiguous and easily understood by those not involved in its development
  • Facilitates the improvement and quality of oral health and the safety of dental care.
  • How can you get involved in the development of dental standards?
  • Pay attention to the ADA News when it publishes lists of new standards or technical reports available for comment.
  • Find one that relates to your interests or expertise.
  • Review the report or standard.
  • Submit comments and questions to standards@ada.org.
  • Contact the Department of Standards at the ADA and join a committee related to your interests or expertise.

You can read standards developed so far in 2015 online by visiting ADA.org and searching for the headline, “New dental standards developed in 2015.”