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ADA Clinical Evaluators (ACE) Panel

American Dental Association

What is the ACE Panel?

The ACE Panel is established to support the clinical component of the ADA Professional Product Review, providing guidance on topics and materials selection. Your opinion will be summarized and available for ADA members.

Who should participate?

ADA member practicing dentists.

What does an ACE Panel Member do?

  • Provides colleagues with objective and clinically relevant information to guide professional dental product choices. 
  • Identifies important clinical issues and procedures. 
  • Benefit your colleagues and your profession with unbiased opinion.

Why become an ACE Panel Member?

To have the opportunity to provide valuable clinical input about your day-to-day experiences with products in your practices. The information you provide, through planning and evaluation surveys, will directly influence the development of content for the ADA Professional Product Review.

Your “in-the-field” expertise is invaluable for us to ensure the categories and brands selected are relevant and important to our members. Make sure your voice is heard!

Interested in becoming an ACE Panel member? Email us at ace@ada.org.