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Manufacturers and Distributors

The ADA Professional Product Review, under the direction of the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs, strives to provide readers with the most credible and useful product evaluation information—free from real or perceived conflicts of interest. Open communication between the ADA Laboratories and manufacturers is vital to providing our readers—your customers—with objective, balanced and accurate product evaluation reports.

How do we choose what to evaluate? Manufacturers send us updates about new products and occasionally inquire about submitting a product for evaluation. But, it's ADA member dentists, through Web-based surveys, who tell us what product categories and specific products they would like evaluated.

The ADA Laboratories purchases products used in the evaluations. In some cases, the ADA Laboratories collaborate with dental schools and other institutions that have products or equipment.

After selecting the products, we ask manufacturers for the following (where appropriate):

  • Accurate company contact information – name, Website, phone
  • Names of current products, technical attributes, cost and warranty
  • High-resolution product photos or illustrations
  • Technical information, such as directions-for-use, bibliographies, etc.
  • Training, demonstrations and product photographs
  • Feedback on proposed test protocols and methods

This helps us determine/develop suitable test protocols and provides readers with an accurate understanding of a product's features.

We may send manufacturers their product's test data and dentists' feedback from online surveys. In some cases, we may provide all product test data for comparison but without any company-specific identifiers except for the manufacturer's product.

The content in each issue is based on data that's collected, reviewed and analyzed by ADA scientists and consultants to the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs. To that end, the Review does not suggest or accept financial support or compensation from manufacturers or distributors.
Producing each issue of the Review includes extensive planning; collecting technical and clinical data, testing and evaluating, and reviewing, designing and publishing.

Visit Us

Although manufacturers may not participate in or view ADA testing, we invite you to tour the ADA Laboratories in Chicago to meet our scientists and researchers.

Reprints of any issue are available for a nominal fee. For more information, call 312.440.2526.