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CDT Manual Errata

CDT 2016 (in the printed manual) contains two typographical errors, which will be corrected in the next edition.  These errors are not in the electronic versions of CDT 2016 (e.g., CDT Code Check app).

The errors and corrections are identified in the following table.



Text with correction (Highlighted)


Missing punctuation – “.” (period) at end of descriptor"


genetic test for susceptibility to diseases – specimen analysis

Certified laboratory analysis to detect specific genetic variations associated with increased susceptibility for diseases.


Missing words – “in graft" at end of nomenclature


autogenous connective tissue graft procedure (including donor and recipient surgical sites) first tooth, implant or edentulous tooth position in graft

There are two surgical sites. The recipient site utilizes a split thickness incision, retaining the overlapping flap of gingiva and/or mucosa. The connective tissue is dissected from a separate donor site leaving an epithelialized flap for closure.

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