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Cosmetic/Esthetic - A Quarterly Newsletter on Dental Specialties

Smile perception among children and adolescents

Correcting poor smile esthetics, even in children, may be fundamental in preventing teasing and improving social interactions, according to a report published online May 19 in Angle Orthodontist.

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Consulting Editor: Luiz Meirelles DDS, MS, PhD
Director, Professional Products and Standards
ADA Science Institute

The template calls for the image at 160 by 160 but adjustments can be made Simplified technique for early-stage dental erosion treatment
Patients who have dental erosion that they can’t see are often reluctant to pursue early dental treatment. In fact, patients usually don’t accept full-mouth rehabilitation at all unless dental erosion has affected the appearance of their smiles.
The template calls for the image at 180 by 180 but adjustments can be made Patient expectation and professional opinion
It is well known that patients’ expectations of dental esthetics may differ from professional opinions. Yet scientists at Jordan University of Science and Technology found little information on the topic among Jordanian patients. Aiming to improve esthetics, they conducted a study evaluating factors that affected patients’ satisfaction with their dental appearances and attitudes toward treatments.
The template calls for the image at 160 by 160 but adjustments can be made Technique uses visible light-polymerized resin to make interim RPDs
There are many situations that call for an interim removable partial denture (RPD). They include treatment to restore esthetics, reestablish or maintain occlusal relationships, condition damaged mucosa under an existing RPD, or prepare a patient for a definitive RPD. Designed to enhance esthetics, stabilization, or function for a limited period, an RPD is typically replaced by a permanent prosthesis.
Product Spotlight
The template calls for the image at 160 by 160 but adjustments can be made Enjoy great delivery with the Adhese Universal VivaPen
Adhese Universal is a single-component, light-cured universal dental adhesive for direct and indirect bonding procedures. Adhese Universal is compatible with all etching techniques: self-etch, selective enamel-etch, and total-etch. It is available in the unique VivaPen delivery form.
News You Can Use
The template calls for the image at 160 by 160 but adjustments can be made Smiles look their best with cosmetic treatmentt
Summer is when people are at their most social. Help your patients put their best smiles forward by giving them clear options for cosmetic treatment with help from the trusted ADA brochure, Improving Your Smile.
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