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DQA Announcements

  • Program Level Measures:  2017 version of User Guide and Measure Specifications now available: The DQA undertakes an annual review of all its measures. The 2017 versions of all DQA approved measures, their specification and the user guide are available under Medicaid and Dental Plan Assessments.

  • Practice Level Measures: The DQA is actively looking at developing measures for practice level assessments. Visit Measures: Practice Assessments page for more information. The DQA recently applied for a federal grant to develop a set of evidence-based practice-level and clinician-level measures that are derived from, and harmonized with, program-level standard measures and specified for different data sources (claims, billing, and electronic records). As programs and payers implement measures, dental practices will also need to monitor quality of care for the patients they serve to partner in improvement. To this end, the project seeks to understand use of claims versus patient record data for measurement at the practice-level. Dr. Natalia Chalmers from the DentaQuest Institute and Dr. Craig Amundson from Health Partners are leading this project along with Dr. Jim Crall, Dr. Krishna Aravamudhan, Dr. Diptee Ojha and Dr. Jill Herndon from the DQA. We thank DentaQuest Institute and HealthPartners for their support.

  • Technical Assistance to DQA Measures Implementers: In an effort to facilitate implementation of the DQA measures, the DQA provides technical assistance (TA) to users of DQA measures. DQA has worked with entities like Mathematica Policy Research, a CMS contractor, National Network for Oral Health Access (NNOHA) to provide TA to State Medicaid programs and Federally Qualified Health Centers and assists in the development of TA resources. DQA also works with vendors with TA and test data sets to ensure proper implementation of the DQA sealant measure. If you would like more information on this, please contact the DQA Staff at dqa@ada.org.

  • The next DQA meeting will be held on Friday, Dec. 16, 2016. Future meetings are scheduled for June 16 and Nov. 10, 2017.  If you wish to observe at any of these meetings, please contact DQA Staff at 312.440.7649 or via email at dqa@ada.org.

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