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Science in the News


Science in the News is prepared by the ADA Science Institute and addresses recent articles in the popular press on scientific developments of concern to the dental profession. These features offer timely information on scientific issues in the news, with a brief summary of the article’s principal points, and provide perspective on the reported findings. The aim of these features is to provide accurate information on current scientific issues and emerging developments, and to allow ADA members to communicate effectively with their patients.

If there are any articles in the popular press that you would like to be addressed by Science in the News, please contact the ADA Science Institute at science@ada.org.


  • PAROKRANK: A Study of Periodontitis and Its Relation to Coronary Artery Disease  (Posted 1/28/16)
    Although the recently published PAROKRANK case-control study found a 28% increased risk of first myocardial infarction (MI) in patients with periodontitis after controlling for variables such as diabetes and smoking, the observational nature of the study design cannot establish a direct cause and effect, only an association between the two conditions.
  • CDC Report: Drug Overdose Fatalities Reach Record Highs in 2014 (Posted 12/21/15)
    A newly published report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) describes an increase in drug overdose death rate of 137% since the year 2000, including a 200% increase in overdose deaths involving opioids (i.e., opioid pain relievers and heroin).