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ADA CERP Provider Newsletter—Winter 2013 / 2014

Proposal to Restructure CERP as an ADA Commission
As reported previously, the ADA Council on Continuing Education and Licensure has proposed that direct oversight of the ADA's Continuing Dental Education Recognition Program (CERP) should be transferred from the Council, and proposes that a commission should be established to oversee the program. The Council believes this would better support CERP's mission, enhance its impartiality and objectivity, and minimize internal conflicts of interest. Under the current structure, the Council has oversight of both CERP and the ADA's own CE programming.

The proposed commission would have the authority to manage the program, including approval of CE providers, policies, and standards. The commission's rules and annual operating budget would be approved by the ADA House of Delegates, consistent with the ADA's other commissions, the Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations and the Commission on Dental Accreditation. The governing board of the commission would include representatives of the current stakeholder groups, including the nine recognized dental specialties, the American Dental Education Association (ADEA), the Association of American Dental Boards (AADB), the American Society of Constituent Dental Executives (ASCDE), and the ADA.

At its December 2013 meeting, the Council reviewed comments from the communities of interest in response to a public call for comments on the proposal circulated in June. Comments received were almost unanimously supportive of the concept. However, some questions were raised regarding the proposed commission's financial structure, and the potential impact on provider fees. The importance of ensuring that CERP maintains broad representation of all dental disciplines, including specialists and general dentists, was also cited.

In response to these concerns, and to ensure that general dentists are represented on the commission's board, the Council proposed that at least two of the ADA appointed members should be general dentists. It is anticipated that the commission would be supported by existing staffing and financial structures. Approximately 60% of CERP's direct and indirect expenses are covered by provider fees; the balance is covered by the ADA.

To advance the proposal, the Council will forward a recommendation to the ADA House of Delegates, and submit proposed amendments to the ADA Bylaws establishing the commission. A two-thirds majority of the ADA House is required to amend the Bylaws.

New Terminology for Jointly Planned CE Activities
At its meeting December 8-9, 2013, the ADA Council on Dental Education and Licensure approved the use of the new term "joint providership" to describe the situation where two or more continuing dental education providers jointly plan and administer a CE activity. The new term will replace the previous term "joint sponsorship" in the ADA CERP Recognition Standards and Procedures and the CERP Lexicon of Terms.

Joint providership permits a CERP approved provider to share responsibility with one or more other ADA CERP recognized or non-ADA CERP recognized CE providers for planning and administering CE activities. When jointly planning CE activities with other providers, the CERP approved provider is responsible for ensuring that the activities meet CERP Standards.

In making this change, the Council also deleted the use of the term "sponsor" as a synonym for "provider." CERP defines a provider as: "An agency (institution, organization, or individual) responsible for organizing, administering, publicizing, presenting, and keeping records for the continuing dental education program." In common usage, "sponsor" is frequently used to refer to commercial supporters, or entities that provide financial sponsorship. The Council believes that using the term "sponsor" synonymously with "provider" potentially confuses the separate roles of CE providers and commercial supporters. Therefore, the term "sponsor" has been replaced by "provider" throughout the CERP Recognition Standards. CERP believes that this will help delineate the difference between relationships in which CE providers partner with other providers to develop CE activities (joint providership), and those in which providers accept support from commercial companies (commercial support), which are each subject to unique requirements.

The revised ADA CERP Recognition Standards and Procedures, Joint Providership Policy and Lexicon of Terms may be accessed on the "Resources for Providers" page on

List Your Courses on
Approved providers are encouraged to post information about their courses in the ADA's online course listing. To submit information, login to the maintenance page using the user ID and login assigned by CERP. Contact Kim Hendricks at for assistance.

Revised CERP Application Forms Launched
Application graphicThe revised, reformatted CERP application forms were introduced in the Spring 2014 application cycle. The forms are substantially different than those used in the past. Providers are strongly encouraged to view the Standard Application form and separate instructions posted at to become familiar with the new format.

ADA CERP recognition is based on a provider's demonstrated compliance with ADA CERP Recognition Standards and Criteria, through a review of documentation and information about the provider's continuing education program. The application asks the provider to supply organizational information, including policies and procedures for the CE program, and complete documentation for one or two selected CE activities. (Two activity files are required in the Standard Application; one activity file is required in the Abbreviated Application.)

The application also includes a self-assessment questionnaire in which the provider assesses its compliance with CERP criteria, based on the documents supplied. The self-assessment rubric describes the CERP criteria and asks the provider to assess whether it meets these requirements and identify areas were improvements are needed. The process is designed to encourage CE providers to engage in self-reflective practice and continuous quality improvement.

In preparation for submitting applications for continued recognition, providers should review the application instructions and documentation requirements and make sure that CE course files are complete.

Save the Date: Workshop for CE Providers Planned for October 9 in San Antonio
ADA CERP will offer an informational session for continuing dental education providers in conjunction with the ADA Annual Meeting in San Antonio. The 2014 workshop will include an overview of the new application form, discuss documentation requirements, and help providers identify ways to demonstrate compliance with ADA CERP Recognition Standards. The workshop is scheduled for Thursday, October 9, from 2-5:30 p.m. Registration information will be available at in early May.

CERP 2013 Annual Report Published
2013 CERP Annual Report cover The ADA CERP Annual report, now available on, contains information about CERP activities in 2013, and the size and scope of the program. Based on data compiled from ADA CERP approved providers' 2013 annual reports, in 2012 CERP providers offered over 22,000 unique CE activities, comprised of approximately 172,000 hours of instruction, with an aggregate of over 697,500 dentist participants and 623,000 non-dentist participants.

ADA CERP publishes this information annually as a service to participating providers and continuing dental education stakeholders.

CERP Recognition Actions—Fall 2013
ADA CERP now recognizes a total of 437 national providers of continuing dental education. At its September 2013 meeting, the CERP Committee reviewed a total of 24 applications from new providers, 82 applications for continued recognition, 18 progress reports, and 5 requests for reconsideration of intent to withdraw recognition.

Congratulations to the following CE providers that were awarded four-year terms of recognition:

  • American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology
    American Dental Education Association
    American Dental Society of Anesthesiology
    Bergen Community College
    Center for Dental Reconstruction
    Chinese Stomatological Association
    CME Resource
    Columbia University College of Dental Medicine
    Dental Education Laboratories
    Dentistry Today, Inc.
    Eastern Dentists Insurance Company
    Federal Bureau of Prisons, Health Services Division
    Florida Dental Association
    Georgia Regents University (formerly Georgia Health Sciences University, College of Dental Medicine)
    Henry Spenadel Continuing Education Program
    Meharry Medical College
    Missouri Primary Care Association
    New York University College of Dentistry
    Organization for Safety & Asepsis Prevention
    Ormco Corporation
    Physician Insurers Association of America
    Procter & Gamble Company
    Quintessence Publishing Co., Inc.
    Rutgers School of Dental Medicine (formerly called University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey - Dental School)
    University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry
    University of Iowa College of Dentistry
    University of Michigan School of Dentistry
    University of Minnesota School of Dentistry
    University of Mississippi School of Dentistry
    University of Victoria

Congratulations to the following CE providers that were awarded three-year terms of recognition:

  • Academy - Dental Learning and OSHA Training
  • AEGIS Publications, LLC
    American Academy of Periodontology
    American College of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
    American Equilibration Society - AES: Leaders in Occlusion & TMD
    American Orthodontics, Corp.
    Aurum Ceramic, Classic Dental, Space Maintainers Laboratories, Ltd.
    Benco Dental Company
    CR Foundation
    Dallas County Dental Society
    Department of Veterans Affairs, Employee Education System
    Gordon J. Christensen Practical Clinical Courses
    Health Studies Institute, Inc.
    INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions Organisation Est.
    Institute for Facial Esthetics
    Lehigh Valley Health Network
    McGill University Faculty of Dentistry
    Oklahoma Dental Association
    Sherer Dental Laboratory, Inc.
    Southern University at Shreveport
    St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center (formerly called Seton Hall University School of Health and Medical Sciences)
    Sterngold Dental LLC
    Takacs Learning Center
    Texas Dental Association
    Tunica Extravaganza Dental Meeting
    University of Louisville - School of Dentistry
    University of Pittsburgh - School of Dental Medicine - C.D.E.
    University of Washington Continuing Dental Education
    WhiteCap Institute

Important Deadlines for 2014-2015
Providers with recognition terms ending in December 2014 were sent application materials for continued recognition in January. Applications are due June 27, 2014. If you have not received these, please contact ADA CERP staff immediately at 312-440-2869 or

Fall 2014 applications and progress reportsJune 27, 2014
CERP provider annual reportJuly 1, 2014
CERP provider annual feeJuly 1, 2014
Spring 2015 applications and progress reportsJanuary 9, 2015

Providers with recognition terms ending in June 2015 will receive application materials this July.

Comments, Suggestions, or Questions about ADA CERP
The purpose of the ADA CERP Provider Newsletter is to inform recognized providers and other interested audiences about issues and changes related to ADA CERP. We welcome your inquiries and input about ADA CERP. Suggestions for content for the newsletter are also appreciated.

CDEL Leadership
Dr. Teresa A. Dolan, Chair, Council on Dental Education and Licensure York, PA

ADA CERP Committee

Dr. James M. Boyle, Chair, York, PA
Dr. Eva F. Ackley, New Port Richey, FL
Dr. Brian A. Beitel, Huntsville, AL
Dr. David T. Brown, Indianapolis, IN
Dr. Laurie C. Carter, Richmond, VA
Dr. Hardeep K. Chehal, Omaha, NE
Ms. Carol J. Dingeldey, Southington, CT
Dr. Alan L. Felsenfeld, Los Angeles, CA
Ms. Janice L. Gibbs-Reed, Newark, NJ
Dr. Timothy C. Kirkpatrick, Biloxi, MS
Dr. Kenneth A. Krebs, Glenview, IL
Dr. Paul Leary, Smithtown, NY
Dr. Eugene J. McGuire, Allentown, PA
Dr. Ann Steiner, Yucaipa, CA
Dr. Mary A. Tavares, Boston, MA
Dr. Timothy T. Wheeler, Gainesville, FL


Ms. Karen M. Hart
Director, CDEL 800-621-8099, x2825

Ms. Mary Borysewicz
Manager, CERP 800-621-8099, x2704

Ms. Kimberly A. Hendricks
Program Assistant, ADA CERP 800-621-8099, x2869

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