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ADA treasurer candidates sought

The Board of Trustees is seeking candidates for the office of ADA treasurer for the three-year term that begins after the close of the 2009 House of Delegates.

The ADA's current treasurer, Dr. Edward Leone Jr., of Denver, still has a year to go on his first term in office, and he is eligible for re-election to a second three-year term.

Applicants seeking the post must be active, life or retired members in good standing of the American Dental Association, holding no other elective office with the Board of Trustees. They should have a background in finance and excellent communication skills.

As noted in the Organization and Rules of the Board of Trustees, candidates should be able to "carry out the duties of the office free of competing responsibilities and outside control." The Board screens all applicants and will nominate no more than three candidates for the House of Delegates to consider next year.

The treasurer's principal duties include designing a budget process, serving as a resource for the House Reference Committee on Budget, Business and Administrative Matters, overseeing Association finances, and presiding as chair of the Board's Administrative Review, Audit and Finance committees.

The protocol for electing a treasurer requires that "the search for a new treasurer shall begin in November of the second year of the incumbent treasurer's term." A treasurer is limited to a maximum of two three-year terms.

Members interested in applying should contact Linda Hastings, senior director, ADA Administrative Services, for an application via e-mail at Completed applications are due Feb. 1, 2009.