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2008 public affairs, legal and legislative resolutions

HOD directs Association to lobby Congress for ban on soda pop

San Antonio—The following are public affairs, legal and legislative-related resolutions adopted by the 2008 House of Delegates during the ADA annual session in October.

Resolution 44H-2008 concerns Medicaid provider numbers for dental facilities and resolves that the ADA identify the various impediments, at both the federal and state levels, that make it difficult for facilities to bill for services provided by dentists who volunteer their services to public clinics and similar facilities and work with constituent dental societies, government agencies and others to make necessary legislative/regulatory adjustments.

Res. 45H-2008 resolves that the ADA advocate for increased federal funding for primary care postdoctoral training programs such as general practice residencies, pediatric dentistry programs and advanced education in general dentistry to ameliorate national access to dental care issues and enhance opportunities for extended clinical training and experience.

Res. 48H-2008 resolves that the ADA Board of Trustees, in connection with any proposed non-de minimus grant by the ADA of rights in or to ADA intellectual property, require the ADA council(s) having substantive knowledge of the intellectual property to be involved from the beginning in discussions concerning the proposed grant, to review the terms of such proposed grants and to make recommendation(s) to the Board of Trustees on the proposed grant.

The resolution also directs the ADA Board of Trustees, after having considered the recommendations of the appropriate ADA council(s), when appropriate, to make a determination concerning the proposed grant.

Res. 49H-2008 resolves that a report and all documentation from the ADA Board of Trustees and ADA staff (which includes all relevant information from the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium) detailing the steps that have been undertaken to achieve compliance with each provision of the Alaska Settlement Agreement be provided as discussed below to the 2008 House of Delegates.

This report and supporting documents should address the denial of a second dentist to the Community Health Aide Program Certification Board, and identify where compliance has not been achieved, or may not be achievable, and provide a date by which the ADA and ANTHC would be in complete compliance.

The resolution also states that the report will include all available information concerning attempts by the Arizona Intertribal Council in 2008 or actions by any other Tribe to expand the Alaska Dental CHAP Program to the lower 48 states, and that this report be transmitted to the Speaker of the House and to each of the delegates assembled here by U.S. mail or e-mail on or before Dec. 31, 2008, and that all supporting documentation be made available to Delegates and Alternates upon request.

Res. 51H-2008 addresses removing soda pop and other sugar-containing beverages from the United States Department of Agriculture Food Stamp Program. The resolution asks for the ADA to encourage specialty dental organizations and constituent dental societies to join the National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity to support efforts to improve the nutrition standards and public education components of all USDA programs and also resolves that the ADA take all necessary steps to lobby the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to institute a ban on the use of food stamps to purchase soda pop and other sugar-based beverages which derive more than 51 percent of their calories from sugar or natural sweeteners.

Res. 74H-2008 states that the ADA position on any proposed new member of the dental team be an individual supervised by a dentist and be based upon a determination of need, sufficient education and training, and a scope of practice that ensures the protection of the public's oral health.

Res. 75H-2008 resolves that the ADA public affairs and advocacy efforts should assist constituent societies in dealing with proposals to change the scope of practice for allied dental personnel by focusing on determining need, promoting sufficient education, training, supervision by a dentist and a scope of practice that ensures the protection of the public's oral health. The ADA should offer support to those constituent societies facing potential scope of practice changes to enable the best possible outcome.

Res. 89H-2008 resolves that the Future of Health Care/Universal Coverage Task Force report be accepted, and also resolves that the appropriate agencies of the Association ensure that the report include a prominent disclaimer on each page of the informational glossary that states "This does not represent ADA policy and is for informational purposes only."