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Are you up to date on CE credits?

Look to ADA CE Online to boost CE as calendar year winds down

Continuing education is more convenient than ever with ADA CE Online.

Launched in July 2006 by the Center for Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning, ADA CE Online currently offers more than 120 courses on diverse topics in dentistry. Courses are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and users can start and stop courses as time allows. 

Some of the more popular courses include the Occupational Safety and Health Administration series (a total of five courses), "Xylitol: New Approach to Tooth Decay," "A Computerized Injection System for Local Pain Control," "A Guide to Sports Dentistry," "12 Necessities of Exceptional Practice" and "Drugs For Infection Control: Are You Choosing the Best?"

Dentists in need of CE required by state boards of dentistry will find a number of options available at ADA CE Online. About 74 percent of those already using the program are ADA members who take advantage of the members-only reduced fee of $28 per continuing education unit. 

Visit and join the 7,000 participants who have already taken a free course supported by the program's corporate sponsors, which include 1-800-DENTIST, UCCI, OralCDx, Guardian and CareCredit.