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Details on ADA initiatives and antitrust guidance

ADA initiatives

"Untimely government intervention" could adversely affect several Association initiatives, the ADA told the Federal Trade Commission in a national health policy communication.

"For example, the ADA is currently discussing an outcomes measure that would entail adoption of an oral health classification system similar to the system currently used by the U.S. military, based on broadly defined categories of oral health that are represented numerically and recorded at each patient visit. The ADA is also currently discussing an offer from CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) to establish a Dental Quality Alliance.

"We consequently urge the Commission, in making recommendations in its workshop report, to give significant weight to these ongoing self-regulatory efforts before proposing additional, potentially conflicting, governmental efforts to displace them."

Antitrust guidance

"Another step that the Commission could take to promote the efficient exchange of more and better health care quality information is to provide additional guidance on antitrust-compliant provider collaborations," the Association told the Federal Trade Commission.

The Association cited "major progress" in this area with the FTC and U.S. Department of Justice 1996 statements of antitrust enforcement policy in health care. "Over a decade of experience, however, has demonstrated that additional, more precise, guidance is needed."