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ADA News Convention Daily-October 18

'This is the challenge of our times'
Dr. Feldman's House address centers on access

The ADA has played a "vital leadership role" on a host of issues confronting the profession this year, but none more challenging than access to care, ADA President Mark J. Feldman told the House of Delegates Friday.

Officers elected Oct. 17 at House of Delegates meeting
At the first meeting of the 2008 House of Delegates, candidates were nominated for speaker of the house and five trustee offices. Declared elected were Speaker J. Thomas Soliday, Drs. W. Ken Rich, 6th District; Charles L. Steffel, 7th District; Edward J. Vigna, 10th District; Charles H. Norman III, 16th District; and Samuel B. Low, 17th District. Balloting for president-elect and second vice-president is scheduled for Oct. 20.

Americans recognize need for oral care, ADA-Crest/Oral B survey shows
It was the public's turn to speak at annual session. Welcome to the unveiling of "The Public Speaks Up on Oral Health Care: An ADA and Crest/Oral-B Public Opinion Survey."

Tom Brokaw urges 'candor' from candidates
The presidential candidates should avoid the "ideological food fights" common to most campaigns and offer the American people a "game plan" for the future, Tom Brokaw told the Oct. 17 crowd at San Antonio's Alamodome.