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SurePayroll launches '1-Click' payroll option, iPhone compatibility

SurePayroll, the online payroll service endorsed by ADA Member Advantage, has added a "1-Click" option that will make payroll processing even more convenient than before.

With over 1,200 ADA members enrolled, SurePayroll has become a popular service among dentists for its convenient online access, low monthly fees and 100 percent guarantee on payment of local, state and federal taxes.

One-click processing simplifies payroll processing even more. Now when it's time to run payroll, dentists simply log in to their SurePayroll accounts and click "1-Click"—instead of the "run payroll" button—and that's it. An e-mail confirmation indicating that payroll was processed is sent, and reports become available online within minutes.

"One click processing is a great benefit for dentists who pay all of their employees the same salary, or if they rarely enter additional payments," says Steve Kania, SurePayroll's director of product management. "Now the whole process of payroll can be complete in minutes, leaving more time to spend with patients and growing the practice. Soon we'll be offering an auto payroll option, which allows dentists the option to run payroll automatically at the time and day of their choosing."

Also new this fall from SurePayroll: compatibility with the iPhone and iTouch technologies. Dentists on the go can run payroll from their handheld devices wherever it is convenient for them.

"We know that so many of our dentists enjoy using their iPhones and iTouches," said Mr. Kania. "We wanted to find a way to allow access to their payroll accounts through their phones. So not only do dentists not need to be in the office to run payroll, now they can run payroll from their phone instead of from a computer."

ADA members who are not already SurePayroll customers receive three months of payroll processing free when they enroll with SurePayroll before the new year and run their first payroll by Jan. 31, 2009. That amounts to more than $250 in savings for an average dental practice that processes payroll for seven employees twice a month. Additionally, all ADA members receive free set up and free W2s their first year.

For their current customers, SurePayroll is offering a chance to win an iPod Touch. For 12 days (beginning Jan. 6, 2009), SurePayroll will be giving away a free iPod Touch each day to a raffle winner who refers the service to another person. To submit, make a customer referral. Each referral after the first gives dentists another chance to win.

SurePayroll's "12 Days of Giveaways Customer Referral Contest" runs from Nov. 3 to Jan. 2, 2009. All customer referrals must be submitted within that timeframe.

To find out more about SurePayroll, call 1-866-535-3592 to speak to a SurePayroll representative or visit