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AAE board supports Association advocacy efforts

The American Association of Endodontists' 21-member Board of Directors joined the American Dental Political Action Committee Capital Club at the ADA annual session in San Antonio.

"Endodontists are motivated to support ADPAC because it not only advocates for the interest of organized dentistry but also for the health and well being of our patients," said AAE President Dr. Louis E. Rossman of Philadelphia. "In these turbulent times it is essential to identify political candidates who share our views on improving the dental profession and serving the public in key areas such as advancing science and working to keep dental care affordable."

"ADPAC is thrilled to have the AAE Board of Directors team together in our quest to advocate dental political action constantly," said Dr. Roger W. Triftshauser, ADPAC chair. "Joint efforts such as this are imperative in strengthening ADPAC as the leader in health care PACs."

Each AAE board member made simultaneous contributions at the ADPAC annual session booth. To become two-year Capital Club members individuals donate a minimum of $200. The standard ADPAC contribution is $49.

This initiative is currently the only one of its kind among dental specialty organizations and demonstrates AAE's conscious commitment to political outreach by its generous monetary contributions, an AAE spokesman said. The AAE encourages member leadership and community service through its Step Up! Program at the AAE member-specific Web site.

For information on the American Dental Political Action Committee visit