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ADA researchers present findings at IADR meeting

Toronto—The ADA presented 10 scientific presentations and informational sessions here during the International Association for Dental Research's annual meeting July 2-5.

More than 5,000 people from 70 countries attended the IADR's 86th general session, which featured nearly 3,600 scientific abstracts.

The ADA Foundation Paffenbarger Research Center, located in Gaithersburg, Md., part of the ADA Division of Science, presented the following:

  • "Effect of Fluoride and Salivary Flow Rate on Enamel Erosion";
  • "Computer Modeling Assists in Predicting Desirable Adhesive Bonding Formulations";
  • "Without Calcium Pre-rinsing, NaF Does Not Form CaF2 in Plaque";
  • "Fast-Hardening Premixed Cements Form Hydroxyapatite/Brushite Mixtures As Products";
  • "Acid Neutralization Capacity of Calcium Phosphate Cements";
  • "Properties of Nano Calcium Phosphates of Various Ca/P Ratios";
  • "Reduction in Dentin Permeability Using a Fluoride-Calcium-Phosphate Containing Solution";
  • "Long-term Dentin Remineralization From Ca-PO4–Releasing, Whisker-Reinforced Polymeric Composites";
  • "Effect of Calcium and Phosphate Containing Fluoride Rinse on Re/Demineralization";
  • "Histopathological Reactions of Calcium Phosphate Cement-Chitosan Composites";
  • "Properties of Injectable Apatite Forming Premixed Cements."

The PRC scientists who presented were: Clif Carey, Ph.D.; Dr. Sabine Dickens; Larry Chow, Ph.D.; Shozo Takagi, Ph.D.; Dr. Ray Bowen; Limin Sun, Ph.D.; Gerald Vogel, Ph.D.; Ming Tung, Ph.D.; and Dr. Maria Cherng.

Adriana Menezes of the ADA Survey Center in Chicago presented the "Internet Use Among U.S. Dentists" poster, based on 2006 Technology Survey results.