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ADA, OSHA renew ergonomics alliance

Washington—The ADA and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration renewed an agreement focusing on ergonomic health issues.

"The ADA is pleased to renew the Alliance agreement with OSHA," Dr. Mark J. Feldman, Association president, said in the Sept. 25 OSHA announcement. "By collaborating, both OSHA and organized dentistry are able to focus on important ergonomic health issues that advance the health and well-being of dentists and their staffs."

"OSHA looks forward to continuing its relationship with the ADA to develop and disseminate resources that advance a culture of safety and health in the workplace," said Edwin G. Foulke, Jr., OSHA administrator.

The Association developed an Alliance-related Web page that offers additional ergonomic resources and links to OSHA's Web site (scroll to "Alliance News").