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Screening committee members listed

Dr. Charles L. Smith, 6th District trustee, chairs the screening committee for the ADA executive director search. Dr. Mark J. Feldman, president, and Dr. John S. Findley, president-elect, are ex-officio members of the committee.

The remaining committee members are listed here by district with their affiliation (trustee, delegate, etc.) following.

  • Dr. Robert Faiella, 1st District trustee;
  • Dr. William Calnon, 2nd District trustee;
  • Dr. Ron Gross, 3rd District delegate;
  • Dr. J. Thomas Soliday, 4th District; speaker, ADA House of Delegates;
  • Dr. Marie C. Schweinebraten, 5th District trustee;
  • Dr. Jeanne Nicolette, 7th District trustee;
  • Dr. Dennis Manning, 8th District trustee;
  • Dr. Jane Grover, 9th District; ADA first vice president;
  • Dr. Edward J. Vigna, 10th District delegate;
  • Dr. Teri Barichello, 11th District delegate;
  • Dr. Stephen K. Young, 12th District delegate, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center College of Dentistry;
  • Dr. Russell Webb, 13th District trustee;
  • Dr. Thomas J. Schripsema, 14th District delegate;
  • Dr. Glen D. Hall, 15th District delegate;
  • Dr. David Whiston, 16th District; past president;
  • Daniel J. Buker, 17th District; executive director, Florida Dental Association.