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Update on ADA executive director search process

Since June, when the ADA launched a national search for an executive director/COO (chief operating officer), the Association has received a "strong response" from candidates across the country, said Dr. Mark J. Feldman, ADA president.

The position was posted on, published in ADA News and advertised in national publications and Web sites.

The Board of Trustees formed a screening committee that is empowered to identify qualified candidates to be considered for the first round of interviews. The committee will conduct the interviews, share the results of the initial screening with the ADA Board of Trustees and offer candidates to consider for the final round of interviews.

Dr. Feldman explained that it was the intent of the Board of Trustees to assemble a screening committee that represented each district across the country and included members from the House of Delegates and Board of Trustees along with an ADA past president and academia and constituent society perspectives.

"The responsibility that the members of the screening committee carry is of the utmost importance to the organization," he said. "Along with that responsibility comes the trust placed in the committee and the membership at large. The screening committee members will be involved in many confidential communications about the candidates as well as the search and selection process. Out of respect for the members of the committee, who have agreed to take on this important role, the candidates and the process, there will be aspects of the search that must remain confidential, such as information regarding the individual applicants."

The Board of Trustees is overseeing the search and will continue to make decisions throughout the process including the final hiring decision. The Board's goal is to name a new executive director by the first of the year; however, said Dr. Feldman, it will extend the search time frame if necessary in order to find the best qualified person for the position.

Dr. Feldman, who has served in the dual role of president and interim executive director since April, said the transition period has been smooth.

"I have profound respect for the ADA staff at all levels who have pulled together during this period of transition," he noted.

"The ADA has continued to serve its members, the public and the profession seamlessly; maintaining the high level of service that we have come to expect. After the close of the 2008 ADA House of Delegates, I will be handing over the reins to Dr. John S. Findley (ADA president-elect), who along with the Board of Trustees will continue to guide this fine group of dedicated employees until a new executive director is named."