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ADA members can save with online tools

Scanning paper forms is one way that many dental offices are now making an attempt to go paperless.

But scanning can have hidden costs. ADA Member Advantage has endorsed MedicTalk DentForms from The Dental Record as a way to help dental practices go paperless in a cost-efficient manner.

Scanners are often useful when it comes to digitizing traditional radiographs for dental claim attachments, but scanning patient documents can be an inefficient function in the office. For one thing, the costs of scanning can really add up. In a recent survey, offices that scan documents indicated that one document can take one to three minutes to scan. Using some conservative estimates about new patient flow and employee salaries, that can add up to total costs as high as $4,256 a year.

Online forms are an alternative and can actually cost less than the estimated costs of scanning documents for one year. With technology such as MedicTalk DentForms, patients can complete a medical history questionnaire at home or in the dental office and digitally sign documents like informed consents and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act forms.

The Dental Record has an online tool that enables dental practices to estimate the cost of scanning forms. To learn more, visit

Until Aug. 31, ADA members can save over $400 on special software packages from The Dental Record.

For more information or an online demonstration, contact The Dental Record at 1-800-243-4675 or go to .