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ADA standards committee seeks comments on informatics specifications

Approves technical report on digital imaging

The ADA Standards Committee on Dental Informatics has approved for circulation and comment the proposed revision of American National Standards Institute/ADA Specification No. 1047-2006 for the standard content of an electronic periodontal attachment.

The purpose of the standard is to develop uniform content requirements for documentation to be included in a periodontal attachment to an electronic claims submission. The working group recommended a change in the text to address a question that arose as to whether the standard applies to predeterminations or claims for actual services, or both. The revision of the scope states that the standard applies to both predeterminations and claims for services and that data will be archived after submission for predetermination for a later claim. Changes in the procedure codes cited in this specification necessitated further changes to the specification.

The ADA SCDI also approved proposed ANSI/ADA Technical Report No. 1051 for DICOM Requirements for Digital Imaging in Institutional Dentistry for circulation and comment.

This report provides a technical specification based on the Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine standard as it applies to dentistry, with the goal of increasing interoperability within and between institutional digital radiographic systems. The report illustrates through high-level interaction use cases how to achieve interoperability for typical dental imaging tasks by showing the DICOM requirements in context, describing them in clear relationship to the clinical tasks of the dental provider.

Copies of both documents are available. Call the ADA toll-free, Ext. 2506, or send an e-mail request to