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Attending the annual session

Invest now in CE courses that can pay off for your practice in the future

San Antonio—Worried about the current state of the economy and how it might affect your dental practice?

Investing in a trip to the ADA annual session Oct. 16-19 could offer your practice financial benefits well into the future, said Dr. Chip Mohme, 2008 program chair for the Council on ADA Sessions.

"We know that dentists are affected by the current turn in the economy, just like everyone else," said Dr. Mohme. "That's why it's even more important to attend this year's annual session. A small investment now will pay off in the long run."

This year's annual session will offer a collection of continuing education courses that can help a practice survive and prosper during tough economic times. Dentists who attend can learn key clinical skills to take back to the office that can immediately assist in managing patient treatment plans, enhance business development proficiency, and learn key ideas and concepts for marketing and managing the office.

Enhance your clinical skills through a variety of CE courses, including:

  • "Anterior Direct Custom Composite Restorations," (Hands-on Workshop, Course 5207);
  • "Hands-on Endodontic Technique," (Hands-on Workshop, Course 5209 and Course 5218);
  • "Periodontal Surgery for the General Practitioner: Free Gingival Grafts and Crown Lengthening," (Hands-on Workshop, Course 6202);
  • "Root Coverage Grafting of Multiple Teeth in the Maxillary Arch," (Live Patient Demonstration, Course 6402);
  • "Stainless Steel Crowns are a Snap," (Hands-on Workshop, Course 7202 and Course 7211);
  • "Hands-on Oral Surgery for the General Dentist," (Hands-on Workshop, Course 7218 and Course 7217);
  • "Tooth Bleaching Options and Recommendations," (Lecture, Course 8307).

Discover ways to increase your profitability, manage change and help practice growth through a variety of business courses:

  • "Preparing for Practice Ownership," (Course 5113);
  • "High-Tech Practice on a Low-Tech Budget," (Course 5332);
  • "Building Your Dream Office in a Struggling Economy," (Course 6106);
  • "Handle Transitions in Dental Practice While Continuing Quality Patient Care," (Course 6331);
  • "Focus on Profitability for the Successful Practice," (Course 6375);
  • "Finding and Keeping a Great Team," (Course 7334);
  • "Hygiene Economics," (Course 7312);
  • "The Code: Your Gateway to Accuracy," (Course 8309).

Learn how to increase your patient base, build patient confidence, expand customer service skills and improve the team's productivity:

  • "Five Stars: Outstanding Customer Service from Your Team to Your Patients," (Course 5111);
  • "Build Your Practice with Paid-For Dentistry," (Course 5310);
  • "A 360 Slam Dunk Guide for Successful Teams," (Course 6309);
  • "Great Answers to Tough Patient Questions," (Course 6338);
  • "Communicating the Quality of Your Services Through the Image of Your Practice," (Course 7316);
  • "Patient Communication: Team Up for Treatment Acceptance," (Course 7311);
  • "Grow, Profit and Thrive with Powerful Marketing Strategies and Tactics for Dentists," (Course 8302).

This year's annual session features more than 225 CE courses—the majority of which are free with your registration. For information on specific courses or to register, log on to