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New ADA brochures put focus on patients

The ADA has launched new, colorful brochures that cover topics from how to handle a child's dental emergency to oral health tips for new moms and babies.

There is also a message for parents about maintaining children's dental health, a message in Spanish about saving money and time with sealants, and the difference between periodontal maintenance and regular cleaning appointments for patients who are on a periodontal maintenance regimen.

Knowing the steps to take during a dental emergency can mean the difference in saving a lost or damaged tooth. Teeth are saved when patients know what to do during a dental emergency. Dentists are told to encourage patients to post this brochure near the phone—it could make a difference at a crucial moment. This mini-brochure is titled, Handling Your Child's Dental Emergency, Item No.W147.

Women who are pregnant or have just had a baby may want to know how this will affect their oral health. The new ADA brochure, Healthy Smiles for Mother & Baby, No. W196, gives tips on diet and tooth care that should help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

In the Happiness is a Healthy Smile brochure, No. W290, the Tough Tooth Team focuses on the the importance of a good diet and regular dental care for children. It includes sections on preventing tooth decay, fluoride, toothbrushing and flossing, dental visits, preventing injuries and dental sealants. It's the perfect handout for school groups and health fairs and is an ideal way to introduce Spanish-speaking patients to dental sealants.

Another source of information on sealants is the illustrated brochure, Dental Sealants: Protecting Teeth, Preventing Decay, which is available in English (No. W291) and Spanish (No. W223). It shows and explains how sealants are applied to teeth, how the enamel is protected from the effects of plaque and food, and the importance of brushing, flossing and regular dental visits.

Stress the difference between periodontal maintenance and regular cleaning appointments with the Periodontal Maintenance Procedures brochure, No. W263. Specific information on oral care techniques and advice on making smart choices will help patients prevent further problems.

Patient education can be part of every procedure with brochures from the ADA. All of the brochures are online so you can view them prior to purchasing at Type the product number in the search bar or a topic of interest.

Order before July 31 and save 10 percent on all patient education brochures by using priority code 20664N. Browse and buy online at or call 1-800-947-4746.