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A different color award—green

One of two new Golden Apples promotes environmental sustainability

Two new categories, including one with a revamped name—covering access and the environment—expand the opportunities to win an ADA Golden Apple Award this year.

Excellence in Access to Dental Care Programs and The Green Apple-Excellence in Environmentally Sustainable Programs and Education have been added to the list of categories for the 2010 awards. The annual awards present an opportunity to showcase a society's best work, and to publicly thank and recognize hard-working volunteers.

The Excellence in Access to Dental Care Programs category marks the combination of two awards into one. It grew out of action in January 2009 when the Council on Access, Prevention and Interprofessional Relations eliminated the CAPIR Access Recognition, Community Preventive Dentistry and Geriatric Oral Health Care Awards.

These awards were 20-30 years old and in need of revision. In addition, corporate funding to support the Community Preventive Award had been withdrawn.

The council proposed a new category to include in the Golden Apple Awards Program.

Entrants should include a description of how the program directly or indirectly serves members, patients or the public's health; the project budget; background on the program's volunteer and staff activity and how it was evaluated; and relevant surveys or background documents.

The Green Apple-Excellence in Environmentally Sustainable Programs and Education award entry can include programs/activities in waste reduction, energy conservation, water conservation and pollution prevention. The focus can be the dental society office or offering more environmentally sustainable meetings for the members in addition to educating members on how to develop a more environmentally sustainable practice.

Entries for the 2010 Golden Apple Awards are due June 1. There are nine additional award categories for dental society participation this year:

  • Legislative Achievement;
  • Excellence in Membership Recruitment and Retention Activity;
  • Excellence in Dental Health Promotion to the Public;
  • Excellence in Member-Related Services/Benefits;
  • Outstanding Achievement in the Promotion of Dental Ethics;
  • Achievement in Dental School/Student Involvement in Organized Dentistry;
  • Excellence in Science Fair Program Support and Promotion;
  • Excellence in Dentist Well-Being Activities;
  • Open Category—For programs that do not clearly or appropriately fit in the other categories.

Programs and activities represented in entries must have been produced between June 1, 2009, and May 31, 2010.

Nominations for the New Dentist Legislative Leadership Award, New Dentist Leadership Award and Outstanding Leadership in Mentoring awards—judged by the ADA Committee on the New Dentist—are due Dec. 1 to enable these awards to be presented at the ADA New Dentist Conference.

Golden Apple Award entries must be postmarked or submitted electronically by June 1. For information and forms, contact ADA Dental Society Services at Ext. 2599 or