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Be secure with tamper-proof prescription pads, paper

Most dentists are aware that tamper-proof prescription pads or tamper-resistant prescription paper are required for all Medicaid patient prescriptions, as regulated by the federal government. But what about prescriptions for other types of insurance?

Many states are not yet mandating usage of tamper-proof prescription pads or paper for other types of insurance, but more and more dental practices are adopting secure prescription pads as an office standard. It’s a small price to pay to ensure that your prescriptions will be secure and protected.

Tamper-proof prescription pads work by embedding a hidden word, such as "VOID" that appears when photocopied, or the word "SECURE" when rubbed or heated. If a dental practice’s pads are lost or stolen, they can be invalidated using numeric identifiers.

In addition, a dental practice’s information is printed using penetrating magnetic ink to prevent chemical lifting of information during attempted forgery.  

The paper itself is also secure. It has the same tamper resistant background ink that clearly shows "VOID" and "SECURE" if any attempt to alter script is made by a patient. The paper has the same security features as the pads.

Protect yourself and your practice and include a secure tamper-proof prescription pad and paper for all prescriptions. Tamper-proof prescription pads and paper can be ordered from most states.

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