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Children's dental access grant applications sought

Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children: the Foundation of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has launched three new grant initiatives designed to improve children's oral health.

"We are extremely proud of the new direction of our Foundation," said Dr. Paul A. Kennedy Jr., foundation president. "We have long felt that access to care should be the primary focus of Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children and with these new initiatives we will make a direct and positive impact on the future of children's oral health care."

Access to Care Grants of up to $20,000 for one year are available for programs that provide dental care to underserved children.

The matching/challenge grants can be used to cover costs of clinic supplies and instruments, patient/parent education materials, dental care supplies, education and/or outreach to recruit dentists or other activity with clear, direct impact on child oral care.

HSHC will give special consideration to programs that have demonstrated success and/or have potential for replication in other communities. Initiatives demonstrating collaboration with other institutions and organizations will be given priority consideration.

Applications for HSHC Access to Care Grants are due Dec. 31.

Oral Health Research Grants are multi-year awards of up to $100,000 per year for three years and can be applied to research initiatives that are consistent with AAPD's research agenda, including transmission, etiology, risk assessment, early detection, prevention and management of caries; caries management using antimicrobials, fluorides and remineralizing agents; disparities and barriers to accessing dental care; development of a national databank on pediatric dental issues; and efficacy of infant oral health (i.e., first dental visit by age 12 months).

HSHC will give special consideration to research projects designed to better understand dental caries and its impact on child oral health and/or to evaluate performance of dental care programs targeting underserved and limited access children.

Proposals for Oral Health Research Grants are due Dec. 31.

The HSHC/AAPD Future Dental Researcher Fellowship pilot initiative will provide one qualified investigator with up to $75,000 per year for three years. The fellowship will support the careers of third-year investigators focusing their research on the study of dental care programs targeting underserved and limited access child populations. The program will launch in 2011. Proposals must be submitted by Dec. 31, 2010.

For guidelines on how to apply for these grants, visit the HSHC Web site: