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December JADA, CE tests available online

The December issue of The Journal of the American Dental Association and continuing education tests from the current 12 months of JADA are available on

JADA Online offers a host of features to help both clinicians and researchers find the information they need. One such feature, the JADA-HighWire e-mail alert service, offers two different types of electronic content alerts.

The table of contents alert service allows anyone who registers an e-mail address with HighWire to be notified via e-mail when new JADA content goes online. Readers can choose to receive a simple notification that a new issue has been posted or the complete table of contents for newly posted issues including hyperlinks to each article.

The CiteTrack alert service allows readers to sign up for e-mail alerts that will be sent whenever new content meeting prescribed search criteria is posted. Using CiteTrack, you can receive notification when particular JADA articles are cited in other journals or when articles are posted on specific topics or by particular authors in any of the HighWire-hosted journals participating in the CiteTrack program.

To sign up for either table of contents or CiteTrack alerts, you need only provide the e-mail address to which you wish the alerts to be sent. For more information, visit