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ADAF names new president, adopts new bylaws

ADAF names new president, adopts new bylaws
Dr. Whiston

Armed with a new set of bylaws that better reflect the organization’s mission, the ADA Foundation Board of Directors announced Sept. 29 that Dr. David Whiston will be the new ADAF president.

Dr. Whiston, who served as Association president from 1997-98, succeeds Dr. Arthur A. Dugoni, who began his tenure as ADAF president in 2003. Dr. Dugoni is a past ADA president and dean emeritus of the University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry.

Dr. Whiston, past chair of the ADA Council on Access, Prevention and Interprofessional Relations and recipient of the 2004 ADA Distinguished Service Award, said he was honored to be part of the Foundation’s leadership.

“We’ll continue the necessary effort initially under taken by Dr. Dugoni, Michael Sudzina (former ADAF Board vice president], Jeff Beutler [interim chief executive officer] and the current ADAF Board and staff team to design processes and solutions that will yield the best possible ADA Foundation.”

Joining Dr. Whiston as ADAF leaders will be four vice presidents:

  • Mr. Thomas Valenzuela will serve as ADAF vice president of finance. He is president and chief executive officer of New York-based Valenzuela Capital Partners LLC.
  • Dr. Richard A. Simms, is the ADAF vice president of development and fundraising. He was an ADA vice president from 2000-01 and has been an ADAF Board member since 2002.
  • Robert Henderson, Ph.D., is the ADAF’s vice president of programs. He has been an ADAF Board member since 2004 and is the founder of the Chicago-based Henderson Consulting Group.
  • Dr. Michael P. Rethman is the Foundation’s vice president of scientific research. He is chair of the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs (2007-10) and former director of the U.S. Army Dental Research Detachment of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.

The vice presidents, each bringing unique areas of expertise to the table, are part of the Foundation’s restructuring.

“The Foundation has made great progress in addressing organizational and structural needs, including the adoption of new bylaws that were approved by the ADA Board of Trustees at its September meeting,” said Mr. Beutler.

Added Dr. Whiston, “The profession and the public can expect the Foundation Board and staff to move forward with great attention to detail and with a sense of urgency. Also, we’ll continue to seek appropriate outside assistance such as the KPMG expertise that has been a tremendous help over recent months.”

The new bylaws help position the Foundation in reaching its goals: securing contributions and providing grants for sustainable programs in dental research, education, access to care and financial assistance for dentists and their families in need.

Dr. Dugoni
  Dr. Dugoni

“Dentists are becoming increasingly recognized for their philanthropy on many fronts,” Dr. Whiston said, “and we want to ensure that the Foundation is one of their very first options, either directly through charitable giving or indirectly through research, education and access to care initiatives.”

“Notwithstanding the many governance, structural, system and process challenges faced last year, the Foundation has stayed true to the four pillars of its mission,” added Dr. Dugoni. “As a result, the Foundation is stronger and will be better prepared to meet current and future challenges.”

On Dr. Dugoni’s impact, Mr. Beutler said, “We are so grateful and appreciative of his service. Not only for his leadership during that time, but for his mentoring of ADAF staff and volunteers, which will have a positive effect for years to come.”