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ADA House acts on bisphosphonates, tooth whitening

Honolulu—The following are science-related resolutions adopted by the 2009 House of Delegates during the ADA annual session in October.

Resolution 63H-2009 recommends that physicians prescribing bisphosphonates refer those patients to their dentist for evaluation prior to beginning treatment. It also directs the Association to communicate this information consistent with Food and Drug Administration guidelines to its members, the American Medical Association and other relevant groups, with a request for assistance in communicating this information to the medical community.

Res. 80H-2009 directs the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs, in conjunction with the ADA Council on Government Affairs, to actively advocate to federal agencies that fund, promote or perform research that they pursue research on the safe levels of agents used for tooth whitening as a priority matter. It also calls for the CSA to develop guidance based on the scientific evidence on the safety of agents used in tooth whitening products and publish and distribute it to constituent societies in order to assist them in their efforts to effectively advocate for the protection of the public.

Res. 45 was referred to the CSA for study and report to the 2010 HOD. It would direct that the ADA encourage the FDA to require warning labels for medications that cause dry mouth and a resultant increased risk of tooth decay.