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Dentist's 'passion' helps raise funds for cancer research and treatment

Perris, Calif.—A Michigan dentist formed one of the links when 181 women set a new Women's World Skydiving Record here Sept. 26.

Dr. Carolyn (Johnson) Way, a general dentist from Birmingham, Mich., participated in the large-formation jump from nine aircraft 3.5 miles over the Perris Valley Skydiving Center. "Jump for the Cause 2009" raised $1 million for breast cancer research and City of Hope, a biomedical research and treatment center dedicated to the prevention and cure of cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

This was the second Jump for the Cause for Dr. Way, who began skydiving 12 years ago.

"Skydiving has been my passion ever since," she said in her JFTC profile. "There is nowhere else that you can go to get that feeling of flying and joining the birds in the sky."

She's now made over 1,750 skydives and has attended annual training camps for the last three years just to prepare for Jump for the Cause.

"The energy was electric when we made the record," said Dr. Way, a breast cancer survivor who emphasizes the importance of research and treatment for this disease.

"Breast cancer is not a death sentence anymore, especially if we can further our knowledge in the medical arena," she said. "Even since my treatment in 2005, newer protocols are improved and less invasive."

To contribute to Jump for the Cause or to watch the record-making video, go to