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Allcare Dental & Dentures abruptly closes

Buffalo, N.Y.—Allcare Dental & Dentures abruptly shut down its operations, according to news reports in late December.

The New York-based dental chain’s home website was offline and phone numbers were disconnected. A different website,, is providing updates and an explanation for the situation, but it’s not clear whether that site is managed by Allcare or a separate entity. The accuracy of the website has also not been confirmed.

The American Dental Association in early January received calls from members reporting the closure. The ADA’s call center has fielded calls from patients concerning Allcare’s closing, and staff has directed them to contact their state board of dentistry and their state attorney general’s office to see what their rights and options are, such as filing a complaint of abandonment. The ADA encourages members who have been affected by the closure to contact the Association.

The Allcare website says the company became “severely cash constrained and had no way to continue to operate going forward.” The notice apologized to patients for not contacting them by phone but said the company’s phone system and patient information computer network was abruptly shut down by their outside network provider.

“We are very sorry to inform you that Allcare Dental has closed down operations. There are no plans at this time to reopen the offices,” the letter stated. “We want to assure you that this sudden closing situation was not our intent; it was due to circumstances beyond our control that arose very quickly. We understand that you must be very upset and frustrated about this situation, but please allow us to begin to explain the circumstances to some extent here on this site below.”

The letter goes on to say the company had planned to “wind down underperforming offices” and raise capital from an equity group, but the closing date for the deal was not met and Allcare didn’t have enough time to get to a closing with the capital group.

News outlets have reported that Allcare, a corporate dental practice, has 52 offices in 13 states.

According to the website, Allcare is working to transfer patient records to other dental offices near Allcare locations. It cited “positive developments” in Iowa, North Dakota, New Hampshire, several Ohio locations and two New York cities but did not provide specifics. Allcare also planned to notify state dental boards, according to the website.

Allcare was among 10 health care entities and four credit card companies cited by New York’s attorney general in a state probe into patient credit financing programs last summer.

Patients interested in finding a new dentist can visit the ADA’s website at and click the Find a Dentist feature. They can also contact their insurer for a referral to other dentists who accept their insurance plan.