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New Orleans—Helping thousands of rural Americans receive much-needed dental care through Mission of Mercy projects has earned Dr. Terry Dickinson the Rural Health Practitioner of the Year award.

Getting the latest in dental and medical research has never been more convenient for ADA members, especially those who use PubMed/MEDLINE, a commonly used free search engine for research.

Austin, Texas—In the world of competitive swimming, the backstroke presents more challenges than any other stroke.

Iowa City, Iowa—The University of Iowa College of Dentistry will host a conference here on treating ectodermal dysplasia syndromes July 24 in the Galagan Auditorium of the Dental Sciences Building.

Atlanta—For the sixth year in a row, the ADA Foundation sponsored the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair as a way of stimulating interest in oral health research and recognizing the work of young scientists.

San Antonio—Award winning broadcast journalist and author Tom Brokaw will kick off the 2008 ADA Distinguished Speaker Series Oct. 17.

Washington—The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has set a deadline for its reclassification of dental amalgam as part of a settlement between the FDA and the consumer group Moms Against Mercury.

Do you know an ADA member dentist whose efforts have made a difference? The ADA is now accepting nominations for the 2008 Humanitarian Award.

San Antonio—Have you made your flight and hotel reservations for the ADA annual session Oct. 16-19?

Dr. Beverly Largent, a pediatric dentist from Paducah, Ky., is the first woman to serve as president of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

The ADA will hold its first Professional Product Review symposium, "Closing the Information Gap with the ADA Professional Product Review" Oct. 16 at 8:15 a.m. at the 149th Annual Session of the American Dental Association in San Antonio, Texas.

The ADA and Iowa Dental Association offer disaster relief and recovery information and assistance for storm-affected dentists. Several government agencies offer other relevant resources, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Internal Revenue Service.

Dr. Quinn Dufurrena went from rural Nevada to Chicago and now has his sights on making dentistry better for Idaho. Where will the next successful applicant go?

Cedar Rapids, Iowa—There is no blueprint to follow, no account of how we should do things, when and why, Dr. Christopher Tyler says in an e-diary of a flood-ravaged dental practice. "Hopefully, this may help the next individual/practice with a similar unfortunate experience with natural disaster."

Parkersburg, Iowa—Matching $2,500 assistance grants from the ADA Foundation and Iowa Dental Association relief fund "will help out a lot to buy supplies for the Winnebago," said Dr. Lori Mason, a young Iowa dentist who lost her home and office to a May 25 tornado.

Storm-Plagued, Iowa—Whatever the dental loss, and it is mounting if incalculable, community and faith trump tempest of tornado and flood. The dental community is looking ahead and talking of recovery more than loss.

Washington—The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has set a deadline for its reclassification of dental amalgam as part of a settlement between the FDA and the consumer group Moms Against Mercury.

As the U.S. Government moves the National Health Information Infrastructure initiative forward, Association leaders continue their push to ensure that when the time comes, all the pieces to create a usable, electronic, clinical record for dentistry are in place.

Baltimore—Start with a dental history lesson, then add interesting information about the mouth/body connection, a review of the latest dental products for older adults and a packet of educational materials designed to help seniors enjoy good oral health for a lifetime and you've got "Your Marvelous Mouth: The New Frontier of Oral Longevity."

Rio Grande, Puerto Rico—A group of 12 organizations came together May 1 for a Town Hall Forum on the revisions approved last year to the ADA's anesthesia guidelines documents.

San Francisco—For a few hours here on June 6, dentists held the floor during the American Diabetes Association's 68th Annual Scientific Sessions as they spoke on the links between periodontal disease and diabetes.

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