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As part of an ongoing Dental Quality Alliance effort that will develop programmatic performance measures to assess oral health care quality for Medicaid patients, the first meeting of the DQA steering committee convened at ADA Headquarters in Chicago Dec. 3 and 4.
During the American Dental Association sesquicentennial celebrations in Hawaii, the Association's delegates were responsible for electing officers who would guide the organization's destiny during the upcoming year.
Surgical masks appear to be nearly as effective as N95 respirators in preventing influenza in health care workers, according to a study published in the Nov. 4 issue of JAMA.
Rockville, Md.—The ADA has petitioned the Food and Drug Administration to review and classify chemically-based tooth whitening agents.
Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children: the Foundation of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has launched three new grant initiatives designed to improve children's oral health.
Scientists have quantified the fracture toughness of coronal dentin for cracks that extended perpendicular to the tubules, according to an article published in the October issue of Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials.
Non-profit organizations that sponsor programs for mothers and caregivers to help reduce the incidence of early childhood caries are invited to submit an application for the ADA Foundation's Samuel Harris Fund for Children's Dental Health Grant Program.
Miami—Children's access to dental care and Medicaid reimbursement issues went to trial Dec. 7 in U.S. District Court here.
The ADA is looking for dentists interested in spreading the word about evidence-based dentistry to attend the EBD Champions Conference March 26-27, 2010, at ADA Headquarters.
Washington—Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) withdrew an amendment to extend the Alaska dental health therapist model to other states as the Senate Indian Affairs Committee took testimony from the American Dental Association and other witnesses on "expanding dental health care in Indian country."
The ADA/PDR Guide to Dental Therapeutics, Fifth Edition, edited by Dr. Sebastian Ciancio, is a must-have resource for all practices.
Washington—The Association urged Senate support for legislation limiting dental health aide therapists to Alaska and sought ADA member "help to ensure that the DHAT position is not authorized to provide services in the lower 48 states."
Over the past year, much has been done to advance ethics and professionalism in the dental educational environment.
Rockville, Md.—For the 38th year, the International College of Dentists USA Section will hold its annual Journalism Awards Competition.

The December issue of The Journal of the American Dental Association and continuing education tests from the current 12 months of JADA are available online.

Los Angeles—Dental students are the driving force behind a resurgence in ethics and professionalism at several U.S. dental schools.

Philadelphia—The ADA has signed an agreement that makes Temple University the urban pilot program training site for the Community Dental Health Coordinator.

The ADA Standards Committee on Dental Informatics published American National Standards Institute/ADA Specification No. 1040, "Dental Extension to the ASTM Continuity of Care Record."

Honolulu—The dental benefits industry is discussing adding its assessment of the risk of disease in beneficiaries as a part of benefits determination.

Honolulu—In response to company decisions to impose case volume and education requirements, the ADA House of Delegates passed a resolution that prohibits the Association from permitting the exhibition, sponsorship or advertising of any products or services that impose such requirements—unless the promoter has justified the specific volume requirement to the satisfaction of the ADA with scientifically sound data.

Honolulu—The following are science-related resolutions adopted by the 2009 House of Delegates during the ADA annual session in October.

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