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KPMG, a well-regarded firm of financial and tax advisors, recently completed an independent Tax and Financial Review of the ADA Foundation. KPMG's report includes a number of recommendations pertaining to the Foundation's governance, operation and financial reporting.

York, Pa.—Dr. John W. Staubach, a former ADA 3rd District trustee (1997-2001), died at home July 22. He was 77.

Boston—The ADA Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry and Forsyth Institute are offering an interactive evidence-based dentistry course Nov. 1-5 at the Forsyth Institute.

They asked for dialogue, they got invigorating conversation.

They asked to be heard and were given a forum and a stage to state their opinions.

They wanted different perspectives and to hear what was going on in neighboring states, and their peers responded.

The summer issue of the ADA Professional Product Review revisits electric handpieces, evaluating the performance and design features of seven systems.

Los Angeles—The UCLA School of Dentistry will use a $1.86 million award from the National Institute on Drug Abuse to expand research reported in the Journal of the American Dental Association on the relationship between methamphetamine use and increased dental disease.

Dental fraud, dentists and the Internet and the Dental Quality Alliance are among topics the 2010 National Dental Benefits Conference will address Aug. 20.

Thousands of phone calls. Thousands of Code entries. Lots of questions.

Twelve states enacted noncovered services bills during their legislative sessions this year, with hopes from the ADA that more states will follow suit.

Orlando, Fla.—Appointments are still available for the ADA Foundation Health Screening Program at this year's annual session.

Washington—Dental professionals who aspire to perform in an orchestra or chorale and experience the attractions of Paris can sign on to join the VA-National Medical Musical Group for its November performances in Washington and Paris.

The New York State Dental Association held the first meeting of its newly formed House of Delegates June 10-12 in Chicago.

Orlando, Fla.—Those registered for the ADA annual session in Orlando can get a jump start on their education experience this month, whether they want to earn credits online through pre-course self study or share their knowledge and experience by entering a competition.

Orlando, Fla.—Many dentists have an interest in honing their leadership skills in order to become more involved in their dental societies and other community organizations.

The ADA Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry has updated its critical summaries, posted online at

The ADA Catalog has several resources available to help dentists better assist patients suffering from jaw conditions.

A historic gathering of the National Dental Association, Hispanic Dental Association, Society of American Indian Dentists and the American Dental Association occurred June 11-12: the first National Summit on Diversity in Dentistry.

The first use of the Code Revision Committee Appeal Committee was a successful one for the ADA, with three additions added to the Code on Dental Procedures and Nomenclature.

Moving from immediate disaster relief efforts to restoring dental infrastructure in earthquake-devastated Port-au-Prince, Haiti, the ADA Division of Global Affairs and Health Volunteers Overseas have joined forces to raise funds to rebuild dental practices.

For the first time, the ADA has collaborated with an international dental association to create an online continuing education program for members of both organizations.

Washington—Provisions of historic tobacco control legislation—designed to prevent youth tobacco use and regulate packaging to better inform consumers—became effective last month.

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