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ADA launches podcasts for public

The ADA has officially launched the new video podcast series, "Straight From the Mouth," to provide oral health information in amusing three to five-minute online episodes.

The first podcast, which deals with overcoming dental anxiety, is now available for download on ( and iTunes.

"We're having a lot of fun with these, but at the heart of each episode is sound clinical and scientific information to help people maintain their oral health," said Dr. Ruchi Nijjar Sahota, vice chair of the Committee on the New Dentist, who co-hosts the show with Dr. Eric Grove, a 2009 graduate of the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry.

Podcasts are video and audio productions posted on the Internet and designed for playback on computers or portable digital players such as iPods. The 2008 House of Delegates approved a plan for the Council on Communications to develop patient-oriented podcasts to help establish the ADA as a trusted resource of oral health information, particularly among younger patients who increasingly seek health information online.

The podcasts are another way to increase the ADA's value to the public through the transfer of timely, relevant and emerging oral health information, said Dr. Peter J. Carroll, chair of the Council on Communications. Usage data including number of downloads and geographic distribution of viewers will help guide future electronic communications.

"After promoting and posting the podcasts," Dr. Carroll said, "the Council will measure and assess the effectiveness of the pilot program."

Future podcast topics will cover oral piercing, tooth whitening and the importance of regular dental appointments.

Dr. David Dodell, a former member of the Council on Communications, continues to serve as a consultant for the podcast project, and each episode includes input from a member of the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs to ensure that the most accurate, science-based oral health information is presented.