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Dr. Christensen offers 150 clinical tips

Armed with a course outline and a four-page handout grid, more than 700 dentists and team members attending the course, To Commemorate the 150th Year of the ADA: 150 Useful Clinical Tips in 150 Minutes, reaped the benefits Dr. Gordon Christensen’s product reviews and workflow tips.

"The ADA asked me to do this, and I said OK," Dr. Christensen told a sellout crowd Friday afternoon at the Hawaii Convention Center. "Then I thought, 'this is impossible!'"

But the continuing education guru pulled off the task, noting occasionally that his presentation was clicking along on schedule.

From recommendations for adding a blood pressure monitor and pulse oximeter to the office to storing alginate impressions in zippered sandwich bags, Dr. Christensen touched on tips designed to help dental offices work efficiently.
Throughout the 2-1/2-hour course, Dr. Christensen asked for a show of hands. "Who uses this?" followed by "What do you think?" or "The rest of you, wake up." He also told his audience several times, "You need this" and "I wish I could spend more time talking about this."

The products, he said, "are not necessarily brand new things, but proven things."