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ADA campaign raises nearly $63,000 to help Japanese dentists

What began as an American Dental Association staff fundraiser to assist Japanese dentists affected by the March 11 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis blossomed into a campaign that raised nearly $63,000.

Image: Disaster response: Japanese responders, including dentists, work to identify a victim of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.
Disaster response: Japanese responders, including dentists, work to identify a victim of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. Nearly 1,700 Japanese dentists have volunteered to help identify victims. Photo courtesy Japan Dental Association.

The ADA raised a total of $62,896, including $10,868 from the ADA and staff, $13,828 from dental professionals and the public, $1,500 from the Japanese American Dental Society and $25,000 from Henry Schein Cares Foundation. In addition, the ADA Foundation contributed a matching grant of $11,700.

“It fills me with pride to see the response to this disaster in Japan by our members, staff and affiliates in the dental profession,” said ADA President Raymond Gist. “This demonstrates a willingness to become involved whenever the need arises, and a compassion for our fellow professionals that is ongoing. Thanks to everyone involved.”

A total of 562 JDA members were affected by the disaster, including eight who died and four who are missing. Fifty-seven dental clinics were destroyed; another 53 have no prospect of reopening because of the nuclear threat. Another 1,115 clinics were also affected.

Nearly 1,700 dentists have been dispatched to work as dental forensics identifiers, including 592 sent by the JDA and 1,104 dentists from devastated areas who volunteered to help. As of April 11, the responders had identified 4,940 victims.

The JDA also sent 84 dental professionals to provide dental treatment in devastated areas.

“Thank you very much for warm words of encouragement for the massive earthquake struck widely in Japan,” said Dr. Mitsuo Okubo, president of JDA. “We cordially appreciate your prompt and kind offers. Given the long road to recovery, we continue to exert all efforts to support our members to establish an oral care in the devastated areas.”

Donors to the ADA campaign include:

  • Henry Schein Cares Foundation
  • Japanese American Dental Society
  • James Aberegg
  • Max Alamillo
  • Daniel B. Armistead
  • Dara Barron
  • Joseph Behrman
  • Krystal Benyamein
  • Vasag Bouzoghlanian
  • M.Isbell Bradley
  • Kelly Burk
  • George & Victoria Calvo
  • Kimi Caswell
  • Greg Chadwick
  • Stephen Chastain
  • Sow-Yen Chen
  • Margaret Childers
  • Arnold M. Cochin
  • Richard Curtis
  • S.S. Daneshgar
  • Jeffrey Day
  • Pavin R. Desai
  • Kristen & Don De Vincenzi
  • Marisa Diaz
  • Judy Dominguez
  • Summer Drews
  • James Duckworth
  • Clifton Dummett
  • Mary Beth Dunn
  • Tiffany Dushane
  • Robert Eisinger
  • Rod Emory
  • James Fabozzi
  • Howard Fisher
  • Alice Flanagan
  • Lisa Gabrish
  • Leo & Edelmira Garcia
  • Domenica George
  • Donna Gottlieb
  • Richard G. Grubek
  • Scott Harder
  • Stephen R. Ho
  • John C. Hoppin
  • Vicki Houk
  • Candice Johnson
  • Chie Kawata-Dorkin
  • Alan Kaye
  • Kathryn Kell
  • Rehana Khan
  • Karen Knight
  • Gul Lalwani
  • Jeffrey Leitner
  • Wayne Leong 
  • Mark Lerman
  • Brian LeSage
  • Beth Loew
  • Diana Lukin
  • Manuel Maciel
  • Herbert Mameda
  • Robert C. Matherne
  • Glena P. Millan
  • Michael Miyamoto
  • Toby B. Moffatt
  • Yellappa Mruthyunja
  • David Nikfarjam
  • Milton Oshiro
  • Charles Palumbo
  • Michelle Pavlak-Hawkins
  • Lidiya Peckler
  • Jan Peterson
  • Gail Redman
  • Michael Reed
  • Ken Rich
  • Leslie Richmond
  • Kris M. Robinson
  • Kathleen Roth
  • Todd Rowe
  • Robert Ruyak
  • Gordon Sako
  • Hugo Schmidt
  • Gerald Schwartz
  • Micahel Shane
  • Brian Shimizu
  • Richard Simms
  • Charles C. Smith
  • Douglas Smith
  • James Snodgrass
  • Eugene Solis
  • Thomas K. Sparkman
  • Leon Stanislav
  • Carol Summerhays
  • Dana Takashima
  • Richard Takeshita
  • Leslie Tanimura & Robert Peng
  • Eugenia Tardio
  • David Tindle
  • Savas Tsakiris
  • Raymond J Unland
  • Di Vo
  • W.A. Weaver
  • Paul Werner
  • Albert Zanner

For more information, contact the ADA Division of Global Affairs by calling toll free, Ext. 2726 or emailing