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Gadgets to multitasking: 150 products in 45 minutes

Presenting a 45-minute crash course in all that's new and high-tech for the dental office, Drs. Paul Feuerstein (the gadget guy) and Gregory Zeller (the software guy) showcased 150 High-tech Products on One Stage at the Live Operatory Center on the exhibit floor.

The free CE course, offered six times during the World Marketplace Exhibition gave participants a chance to see the latest technologies available on the floor. This course will be presented twice today at 8 and 11:45 a.m.

Drs. Feuerstein and Zeller took turns covering the high-tech highlights in a live infomercial format. With a backdrop of PowerPoint screen information, gadget guy Dr. Feuerstein held up a multitude of wands, scanners, camera equipment and more and pointed toward various exhibitors' booths, instructing the audience to "check this out yourself on the floor."

"We've got a smorgasbord of things here that can be mixed and matched to meet your practice's needs," Dr. Zeller concluded.

Software guy Dr. Zeller took the audience through step-by-step on-screen demonstrations of software programs that can handle a multitude of tasks—patient registration, medical histories, charting findings, treatment planning, workflow, data mining, data storage and data sharing.

Products for a variety of uses included in the course included all things digital—cameras and intraoral cameras, imaging wands, soft tissue examination aids, caries detection probes and lights, radiography equipment, shade matching equipment, soft tissue diode lasers, head lights, curing lights, tooth brushes, isolation vacuum lights, LED operatory lights, articulation paper, patient education software and more.